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File Dumper

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This small GUI-enabled script will help you 'dump' your files from a folder structure (folder and all its subfolders) into a single output folder (which can be the root level of the source folder).


  • Recurse into all sublevels of the source directory. Currently there's no option in the GUI to switch between recursive/non-recursive file search, but this can be easily implemented, if needed.
  • Either copy or move files
  • Advanced anti file collision solution: either overwrite or auto-rename existing files
  • Renames output files according to their relative path (e.g. "Folder 1\Folder 1.1\File.txt" will become "OUTPUTFOLDER\Folder 1_Folder 1.1_File.txt"). The separator character in the current script is "_" and cannot be user-selected, but this can be easily changed in the script by providing a special edit field for that purpose.
  • Advanced source file selection: search by filename AND extension (uses regex comparison of the file mask)
  • Shows a progress bar of dumping

  • NEW! Pause/stop operation buttons
  • NEW! Settings are now accessed in a child window
  • NEW! Option to toggle between search modes (only in the source dir or in sub-dirs as well) -- see first item
  • NEW! Option to toggle auto rename files on and off (if off, files will be overwritten)

As yet, the GUI is very basic and simple, but more features can be added by just providing the corresponding components on the form (see above).


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Tool has been improved -- see the items marked off as "NEW!" in the previous post and download the new release from there.

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