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AutoIT Server/Client Read/Store Email via IMAP into a MS SQL DB

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Hello all,

I've had a search, but there's nothing really clear, it's a bit of a jungle searching for SQL.

Basically, I need an AutoIT "Server" program to read in emails from a mailbox on another local network server via IMAP ideally (most likely Exchange), these will be address to multiple To addresses, take that information and store it in a MS SQL database, and remove the email, depending on the content (the to address, from address, keywords in subject or header, various rules) it should then put it in a specific "queue".

Once in the MS SQL database, the "server" provides connections from upto 100 ish clients to see these emails as "items"/"jobs"/"incidents" where you see the basic information but can choose to view the actual email and/or the attachments that were with it.

Clients will be subscribed to various "queues", when new items are processed in them, they need to be alerted by their AutoIT Client program, a mix of traytips, balloon tips and msgbox, some configurable by the user, but can be overrided based on the server "rules". User may pick Tray or Balloon tips, but an important queue is updated, so they get a nice big Msgbox in that instance.

Clients need to be able to "claim" these "items", altering a "status" on them which is updated in the database, be able to re-assign them, etc. When they re-assign them, the new owner needs to be alerted/notified.

There should be a "Reply" option, which will allow entry of a reply message, this is then sent by the server to a local SMTP server to send on, based on how the email came in, determines the from address.

Of course any changes need to be stored, who claimed it & when, who replied and when, status was changed to what & by whom & when, etc. etc.

That's the basic idea, no doube it will increase over time, I'm guessing I need:

IMAP email reader

MS SQL Manipulator

TCP Client / Server

Server running as a Service

Administrative GUI to monitor/interact with the Server, both where it is, and remotely from an Admin's PC

Client for notifying and allowing viewing/interacting with the items

Adventurous certainly, anyone done anything like this before? In part or whole? Can you point me to some suitable UDFs or posts of scripts? Or any advice/suggestions?

Thank you for any assistance.

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