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Unable to open pop-up with selenium even using autoit

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Hi all,

I used autoit script(.exe file) in selenium RC to click the pop-up button. But i am unable to open the pop-up as there occurs a javascript error

Error: Object does not support this property or method.

the line where error is caused is :

var retVal=window.showModalDialog(url,window,"dialogWidth:615px;dialogheight:515px;status:no;help:no;resizeable:no;scroll:yes");

the HTML page source is :

function uploadDocument(){

if(document.DetailOrderForm.clientId.value == -1){

alert("Please select the Client name.");


return false;


else {

var url = "/clientApp/documents.do?action=initialization&entryFromId="+document.getElementById('encClientId').value+"&inputType=CLIENT&fromPage=detailorder";


var retVal=window.showModalDialog(url,window,"dialogWidth:615px;dialogheight:515px;status:no;help:no;resizeable:no;scroll:yes");


else{ // to support other browser





Can some one help me as to how to overcome this( is this because of the reason :-When showModalDialog is called the javascript gets suspended for the parent. Selenium whose handle is still pointing the parent window also gets suspended. As a result all the successive commands in Selenium script ultimately get suspended.


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