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Hi Thought id show you the prog ive been writing

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Hi guys

I thought id show you a program ive been writing. I started using autoclean and thought it was great but lacking some features that i wanted to use so i emailed the author and asked if i could use some of his code (this was when i new very very little about autoit scripting) to learn from and to implemebt into my own program and he very kindly let me.

I have put a link to the screen shots from another post as i dont know how to re use them in another post and my quota is nearly full lol.

Its not complete and the code is still sloppy and uncommented. i want to do an overhaul and rewrite my code, comment it and streamline it more now that i have more knowledge of what im doing. theres still alot of imcomplete things and i have some more things to add in on my todo list lol (this program keeps getting bigger and bigger!) I thought id post and see your opinions as if theres any obvious things that could be added and/or changed then id like to do it during the overhaul rather than later on. Once im a little happier with the script and that the program works ill upload for everyone.

Cheers in advance guys


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