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Registrering messages from other windows.

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Alright so here's my situation:

I got a window (not owned by me), which i would like like to draw some information on. I do this by adding a transparent GUI window over the first, and using GDI.

It works perfectly, however, i want my transparent GUI to only show when the other is activated, and when the first moves, i want mine to move too. At the moment, i am solving this by a pretty large chunk of code involving constantly polling WinGetState() and WinGetPos() and sizing my program accordingly. This however uses a fair amount of resources, if i want my GUI to be somewhat responsible.

So, this could be solved much much better if i somehow could register the WM_WINDOWPOSCHANGED message like the original window recieves. I can retrieve the activate message using but as far as i can see, this doesn't register the message for moving windows.

Ideally i would like to do something like this:


But i understand it won't be so easy. I know you can use SetWindowsHookEx for this, but I'm also aware that you would have to inject an extern dll for this to work, which i would rather avoid.

Is my mission possible?

Regards :graduated:

Ever wanted to call functions in another process? ProcessCall UDFConsole stuff: Console UDFC Preprocessor for AutoIt OMG

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