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How hard is it to make this?

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Dear Auto-it users,

My name is Rich and im from Amsterdam.

I've been using premade Auto-it scripts since a few months and im really liking it!

NOw i want to make a simple script myself and could use some advice!

It doesn't seem like a very hard that I want the script to do. Basicly I want the script to:

1 (mouse) click a certain field ON a webpage

2 typ '10000' into that field

3 (mouse) click the button 'trek hendel'

4 do the above over and over again with certain pauzes..

I'll try to explain with screenshots:

Do you guys think this is easy to make? Can you give me some help with it? It would be greatly appreciated!

Kind regards,


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Read this and don't return to this topic again.


Thanks for your reply,

I had no idea this wasn't allowed!

Too bad tho, I would have donated to auto-it and the member with the best anwser for the help!

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