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How to put up a progress bar shows

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The level of progress bar generally, how to put up a progress bar displayed.

Help me write a simple example

To thank the first

进度条都是水平方向的, 谁可以帮我写一个竖立形状的进度条!

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Hello sunnyboy,

First, Welcome to the AutoIt Forums :graduated:

Second, Nobody is going to write code for you here. This forum is designed to help developers of AutoIt. If you want someone to write you a script, then there are a lot of freelance script sites out there. If you want to write your own, I suggest hitting the help file, maybe some tutorials and write your own, when you hit a brick wall, and find that your script is not working the way you intend it, then come here, post your problem and what results you expect from your script, show your script or at least an example of it. Then you will find help coming your way a lot faster.

Hints to search for in the help file for progress bar management:





My Contributions: Unix Timestamp: Calculate Unix time, or seconds since Epoch, accounting for your local timezone and daylight savings time. RegEdit Jumper: A Small & Simple interface based on Yashied's Reg Jumper Function, for searching Hives in your registry.  

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