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Simple form resize based on client size

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After searching through the forums for methods to re-size a form/window, I was frustrated with complexity of many of the solutions, so here is what I came up with. This should re-size the form to have the provided client size, regardless what title bar or border settings are used, or what menu controls are used.

I do not believe it does, but I extend my apologies if this duplicates something someone else has already done.

Func _GUIResizeClient($hWnd, $iSizeX, $iSizeY)
    ;$hWnd = Handle for the form to be resized
    ;$iSizeX = Desired X size for the client area
    ;$iSizeY = Desired Y size for the client area
    Local $winpos = WinGetPos($hWnd)
    Local $wincli = WinGetClientSize($hWnd)
    WinMove($hWnd, "", $winpos[0], $winpos[1], $iSizeX + ($winpos[2]-$wincli[0]), $iSizeY + ($winpos[3]-$wincli[1]))

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