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How to use a dll to connect with an usb device

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For a school project we want to retrieve data from multiple sensors (temperature, voltages etc. ...). These data will be posted on a website by real-time graphics.

Graphtec GL200A we use to transfer data on the PC, the problem is that the supplied software that does not allow us to visualize the curves on the pc.

I wonder if it is possible to use the dll ("gtcusbr.dll") provided in the installation directory, to read the data by AutoIt GL200A directly, then sent to myself by ftp?

After some research I found that the dll contains 7 functions:

1 GtcUSBr_OpenDevice ()

2 GtcUSBr_CloseDevice ()

3 GtcUSBr_ReadDevice ()

4 GtcUSBr_ReadDeviceEx ()

5 GtcUSBr_WriteDevice ()

6 GtcUSBr_WriteDeviceEx ()

7 GtcUSBr_GetLastError ()

I also find the source of a program that uses this dll to communicate with the GL200A, there is the source vb and c + +. These examples have summers found on the official website of Graphtec and are apparently in Japanese ...

I'm french and I used google translate for this post, I'm sorry if this is not very understandable.

The french post

VB and C++ examples

Thank you in advance for your answers.

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