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Need Help with object of the type TGroupBox

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Im new to AutoIt and im trying to use it for geting information from a object that is inside a TGroupBox (Delphi)

Inside the TGroupBox there is some speed values im trying to read to use in a test case.

I used Window Info and i only get the information about the TGroupBox and not what is inside it.

I tried ControlGetText but then i get the text of the TGroupBox and not what is inside it.

Anyone know how to get the text from the object inside? :graduated:

>>>> Control <<<<

Class: TGroupBox

Instance: 9

ClassnameNN: TGroupBox9


Advanced (Class): [CLASS:TGroupBox; INSTANCE:9]

ID: 656782

Text: Current Speed [km/h]

Position: 6, 60

Size: 211, 112

ControlClick Coords: 101, 30

Style: 0x56000000

ExStyle: 0x00010000

Handle: 0x000A058E

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