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How To Kill A Process In Windows XP

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i am trying to stop the process named iclient.exe (Zone Alarm) using tskill.exe. i am unable to do so and am getting the following error message - End Process failed for iclient:Access is denied.

does anyone know how to use AutoIT to kill a process running in task manager or an alternative utility that can be used?

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For AutoIt:


Zone Alarm maybe reluctant to close.

WinXP Pro, you would use:

TaskKill /f /im iclient.exe


i tried your suggesstions but i am still getting access is denied.

is there anyway to kill the iclient.exe process?

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Not sure if it helps with your particular process, but I have a very good program Process Killer 1.4.1, it able to kill even system processes - for example winlogon.exe (from account with admin rights, of course).

Program by default run invisible, you can call it by pressing <Ctrl>+<Shift>+<~>.

Hope this helps.


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