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[GDI+] How to get BitmapData a Color Palette?

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I need convert any bitmap (BMP, PNG, TIF etc.) with any BPP to a non-standard file (no image, but data included 8-bit color depth), which will contain a BITMAP DATA and COLOR PALETTE like BMP(DIP) 8-bit.

Is possible use GDIPlus.au3 for getting BITMAP DATA and COLOR PALETTE? I know BMP format file, but when I use GDI+ to converting from other format, I'd like to make their work easier.

My idea is:

1) convert any bitmap to BMP 8-bit

2) read Bitmap data from BMP-8 >> ...write pixel to pixel (byte to byte) to external file

3) read collor palete from BMP-8 >> ...Write color by color to external file

Many thanks

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