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Variable Text and variable

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Hey im new in this forum and i was just wondering if this is possible!

if the title of a document is hello6736462 where 6736462 is a random number set in auto it with the variable $hi, now i want to say winwaitactive("Hello" + $hi) so it would call the document to the front!

$hi = random(0,9999999,1)
winwaitcative("hello $HI ")

so the title of the document is Hello and the variable with no spaces!

Is this possible?

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Not 100% clear on what you are asking but the following might help:

1 - As the helpfile says, WinWaitActive just waits until a window is active. To actually activate a window, use WinActivate. That sounds more like what you are looking for? See the helpfile for more information.

/EDIT: (By the way, this doesn't actually pull a window to the foreground or un-minimize it, it just activates the window so you can communicate with it. Try WinSetState for hide/show/minimize/maximize etc. if you are looking for that.)

2 - To put string "Hello" and the string in variabele $hi together (called 'concatenating a string') without spaces, you could try the following:

$concatenatedString = "Hello" & $hi

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