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Uninstall Teamviewer via autoit script help

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I am new to autoit and hence am having a bit of trouble building an uninstall script for Teamviewer Host 5.

The uninstall file is located at:

c:\Program Files\Teamviewer\Version5\uninstall.exe

Is anyone able to please help me compile this script?

I have tried to edit a few scripts I have found online with no success.

Many Thanks in advance.

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Welcome to the forums :graduated:

In case you didn't get that stuff already, to start with autoit use these 3 as a start:

1.) Last version of AutoIt3

2.) Last version of the SciTE editor, Autoit Version

3.) READ the excellent help file. To get direct help to "keywords", start a new script in SciTE, save it as "MyFirstOne.au3", then place the cursor on the "Word" you want to know more about and press <F1>

And then: Especially have a look at the example scripts.

As a start to answer your question yourself:

Run() or runwait() or shellexecute() or shellexecutewait()

If you have issues, post your code here, no matter how buggy it might be :(

Good luck! Rudi.

Edited by rudi

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