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Xerox Printer inserts calculation

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Hi, Tvern advised me to post up some lines of codes, so i post up my crapy, but finally functional code. I don't think there is much request of this. So this is for those one using Xerox b/w combined with Xerox colour digital printers. So the colour pages were printed on the Colour printer and then inserted via a container in the b/w printer. Xerox imho have a very improper way to calculate the colour pages inserted by the b/w printer. So i make that script that calculates me the inserts.

Thanks to Tvern, Melba, Uez, Sadbunny and MrCreatoR for there codes and there help.

The xeriengGUIInputSetOnlyNumbers.au3 goes to the includes, the rest is self-explanatory. If the document is front and rear side the script calculates automatically the front or rear side of the colour pages - inserts. The help file in german, i did not translate it.


P.s. For those who use it. Let me know if it' s work or if you find some bug.



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