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Hi, i have a question about XOR encryption. i know Autoit has this function BitXOR but how to handle it right? i tried and failed, did that a lot until i decided to ask you :graduated:

How to encrypt XOR data: C6 XOR A3 (4 bit) and the result should be 65 but i get a lot of weird answers using different methods.

Hope you can help !:(

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Post what you tried. This works fine:

$a = 0xC6
$b = 0xA3
$c = BitXOR($a, $b)
ConsoleWrite("$a = 0x" & Hex($a, 2) & "; $b = 0x" & Hex($b, 2) & "; $c = 0x" & Hex($c, 2) & @LF)


P.S. The hexadecimal answer 0x65 is 8-bits, not 4.

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