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Hidden control - how to check it?

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How can I see if a control is hidden?

I really need it, because I make a script which runs an Internet Explorer with admin rights, then it loads a page with Java applet and clicks on the start button.

The problem is, that I don't know how to see that the thing installed by the applet is done. When it finishes its work, it displays a "Done" button, which I can check for a text and click with controlclick, BUT it works that way, that "Done" button is hidden and after it finishes, it shows up. So how can I tell when it showed up to know when to close the Internet Explorer?

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OMG did you really read my post? :">

I know that button is hidden and then it shows, but I need to check it in the script man! Time of of that java applet run is various, so I need some way to check in the script, if that button has already been showed. When the script sees the button, it will only close the window, but I need to know when to do that. That's what I need.

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