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Hello, this UDF is driving me mad, I'm looking for a little help if someone knows it .. no answers given from the search tool so I'll just ask my questions.

For $k = 1 To $aPlayers[0]
            $temp = $players[$k]
            _GUICtrlListBox_AddString($hListBox, $temp[1])
            _GUICtrlListBox_SetItemData($hListBox, $k-1, $thisvalueisdrivingmemad)


$itemSelected = _GUICtrlListBox_GetItemData($hListBox, _GUICtrlListBox_GetCurSel($hListBox))

Ideally, I would like to associate for each item in my list box, the array $players[$k] (first item, index 0, array players[1], and so on....)

If I put $thisvalueisdrivingmemad = 1234 as in the example for that UDF ..I get 1234 as display in Console for the FIRST item selected, the rest returns 0 (though the SetItemData is in a loop...)

If I put $thisvalueisdrivingmemad = "this is a test" ... the return is always 0

If I put an array in $thisvalueisdrivingmemad then it just crashes saying itemSelected isn't an array.

So the $iValue we find in the UDF help is mandatory to be an integer ? and more than that we can't fill them with a loop ...? Any idea?

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Item data is an application specific integer, not a string. It doesn't mean the text of the item. When you use a string as an integer in AutoIt, it generally tries to recast your data as an integer, but "this is a test" is cast as 0 because it is not a valid numeric string like "123".


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