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Upload web page example help

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Trying to work with the help file but I still need an example

Let's say

Host mydomain.com

User iamuser

password thisispass

file c:\blah\mywebpage.htm

web target http://mydomain.com/folder/mywebpage.htm

Is this enough to get an example?


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No. To get an example you need to show what you have tried to do :graduated: We don't deal out examples to anyone for free on these forums, we like to see an effort on the part of you to try it yourself. There is enough in the helpfile for you already, and certainly enough for you to get together a basic example. After that we can help make it work if you are still struggling.

FTPEx.au3 would be a good start, look at _FTP_Connect and _FTP_FilePut. _FTP_FilePut Doesn't seen to have an example, but if you look at the code for _FTP_ProgressUpload then it might have some clues.

Edit: All of these will help as well:

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