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Problem with scheduled task after reboot

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I've created a simple script that opens IE and saves web page to a file.

This script runs as a scheduled task every several minutes.

It runs very good.

The problem is that if the computer reboots, then the script is not working unless I log in to the computer.

the rest of the "job" runs just fine...only the script is not updating the file.

Once I log in it runs OK.

The script is one a remote server and I do not control the reboot process.

Is there a way to make it work without the need to log in all the time?

Tnx for your help :graduated:


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Well, I definitely know how to do things like that once the user is logged in. Placing the compiled script in the startup folder will run the script when a user logs in. However, to run your script without logging in? I'm not sure how Windows reacts to stuff like that. However, I did find this:



Launches a program automatically at system startup. This key is used when you always want to launch a program on a particular system.

Hope that helps,


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I've compiled the script to an exe file.

All other tasks run just fine without logging in...So why just this one fails to run??

again...it is a scheduled task...no need for the registry run...


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