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I'm Sure This Simple Stuff, But...

Guest Glorpington7

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Guest Glorpington7

Ok, perhaps I'm not a a real programmer, but here goes:

I'd like to use AutoIT to automate the formatting of .wavs to PCM format using windows sound recorder, on my win 98se machine.

I have about a few hundred .wavs (all short sound effects, etc.), and I need them all to be in PCM (CD Quality) format for me play with them. They're all in a folder on my desktop titled "z". If you have a win 98 machine with soundrec.exe, you can replicate my problem by creating a "Z" folder on your desktop and putting 5 short .wavs therein.

$a = 1


WinWaitActive("Sound - Sound Recorder")

AutoItSetOption("SendKeyDelay", 500)

Send("{ALT}{ENTER}{O}{TAB 4}{DOWN}{Z}{ENTER}")



send("{alt}{enter}{o}{tab 5}{space}")

$a = $a + 1

send("{down $a}")




until $a = 5


>..It just won't hit that DOWN key in an incremental fashion; stalls on the second one until the "until" conditions are met. But all else works. (sorry about the crudeness and clunkiness of this script..I'll clean it up after I solve this prob.)

This could be a bug, but I think it's just me and my limited knowledge of scripting.

Little help, here?

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Also, use !{Enter} if you mean Alt+Enter.

"{AltDown}{Enter}{AltUp}" might also work.

I'm pretty sure "{Alt}{Enter}" means Alt followed by Enter.

Edit: By the way, ordinary letters do not need to be in braces. Send("!{ENTER}o{TAB 4}{DOWN}z{ENTER}")

Also note that you should typically use lowercase letters. For example ^a means Ctrl+A while ^A might be interpreted as Ctrl+Shift+A.

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