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Getting and storeing text from a webpage

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What I want to do is use autoit to retrieve text from this webpage. http://www.tibia.com/statistics/?subtopic=...line&world=Nova

This is a list of people online on the game Tibia. I am wanting to monitor this page to see how long certain people stay online. I was not sure how to get the webpage since it is not in the format http://blahblah.blah/blah.html. One thing that is certain is that this needs to run completly in the background.

So I want the script to check the page about once every 10 minutes and write the list of names to a file. Then I could see how many times each name was repeated in one day and use that to get a rough estimate of the amount of time everyone was online.

I can handle all of it except getting the actual page.

Thanks :(

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