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Press F1 every 4 minutes - ON THE GAME CHAT

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Okay, so I play a retro hotel (private server) of a popular game called habbohotel. This retro/private server, has a place where I can stand in the game and press somthing and it will rob the bank. I get 250 coins every time i rob it, i have tried scripting this myself & had no luck.

I basically need a script that will select the chat box (without pressing tab or enter or anything it MUST be clicked) and press F1 every 4minutes and 5 seconds. The game runs in shockwave, the chat box can ONLY be selected by clicking it. If the script can be run without switching out of the browser/shockwave window, it should be able to run properly. but i dont know how to script this well enough, and ive tried other peoples scripts and they dont work.

THANKS - Digital

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