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SetBatchLines, <lines>

Usually, AutoIt executes each line of a script during a 10ms timer cycle (under NT is it 10ms, under 9x it could be a much larger time).  This can mean that in scripts which do a lot of String/Variable processing, the scripts can be quite slow.  The SetBatchLines command can be used to change the number of script lines that are processed in a timer cycle.  The default is 1.  The maximum value is 32767.  Note: For very high values, AutoIt will start to impact the available CPU time.  The current value of SetBatchLines can be obtained from the special variable "A_NUMBATCHLINES".

Note: Most users will not need to uses this command at all!

e.g. To execute 100 scripts lines per cycle

SetBatchLines, 100

That command, does not exist in version 3 of AutoIt. Features have been added with loops etc. to give the script control.
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