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Give Parameters with "Run"

Guest Bombastic1982

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Guest Bombastic1982


I would Run a exe File about a Autoit-Script.

I would also give at the run-process any parameters.


Run("mailen.exe GUICtrRead($text)")

I read GUICtrRead($text) with an Gui-input.

But the run read GUICtrRead($text) as GUICtrRead($text) and not the value.

Please Help.



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I cannot see anything wrong with the example that sjorrel has given.

Is mailen.exe in the script directory? Or does it require a working path?

If it is not in the script directory, that command will fail. If it has other support files with it, it may require a working directory. :(



Run('mailen.exe "' & GUICtrRead($text) & '"')

Tou may have spaces in your parameter ? This should solve it.

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