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auto target color script

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hey there. my friend helped me build this script for auto targeting monsters

for somekinda reason it works for him but not for me

ofcourse i ajusted the right color of the monster and the screen resolution but when i run the macro and enter the game seems like its not working... its not detecting the color therefor the mouse doesnt move .. BUT when i minimize the game while the script still on i see the mouse cursor running on my screen detecting all kinda crap that is the same color like the monster.. thats strange hehe

any1 knows the reason?

heres the script

WinWaitActive ("RF Online");

HotKeySet('{enter}', '_Exit')

Func _Exit()



$Mobcolor = 0x18202D

$Sel = "Left"

While 1 = 1

Sleep (5000)

$coor = PixelSearch( 7, 28, 1669, 1041, $Mobcolor, 5, 3 )

MouseClick ($Sel, $coor[0], $coor[1],1,3)

Send (",")

Send ("{Esc}")


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