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[SOLVED] AES encryption / decryption

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hello autoit forum!

i am trying to figure out how to do AES encryption and decryption in autoit? i have seen it done in php, js, python...

i found a js version in the html source of this site

any help would be greatly appreciated!



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Have a look to the Crypt-UDF :x











Global Const $CALG_MD2 = 0x00008001

Global Const $CALG_MD4 = 0x00008002

Global Const $CALG_MD5 = 0x00008003

Global Const $CALG_SHA1 = 0x00008004

Global Const $CALG_3DES = 0x00006603

Global Const $CALG_AES_128 = 0x0000660e

Global Const $CALG_AES_192 = 0x0000660f

Global Const $CALG_AES_256 = 0x00006610

Global Const $CALG_DES = 0x00006601

Global Const $CALG_RC2 = 0x00006602

Global Const $CALG_RC4 = 0x00006801

Global Const $CALG_USERKEY = 0

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so stupid lol, i searched aec encryption:S didn't find anything


oops:D i know i searched aec not aes! it is really late im off to bed, will dive into it tomorrow when i wake up

thank you both!

ps the is for a project im working on to access the epoc emotiv headset through autoit

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