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Access one of submit Button

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Hi All :(

i used this code to access and automate my object:

With $ObjIE.document.forms(1)
.elements(0).value = "*****"
.elements(1).value = "*****"

my question is : if i have more than one submit Button how can i access one of them or how can i choose specific button to click?

Thank you! :(

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A few ways, control command and control click don't work in IE though.

Look at the HTML of that page, usually there is a more specific name.

With $ObjIE.document.forms(1)
.elements(0).value = "*****"
.elements(1).value = "*****"
.submitbt.click(); this would be if button had a name of submitbt

also you might find that the button doesn't actually have a name (sloppy html.) in that case you can search elements, or HREFs.

With $ObjIE.document.forms(1)
.elements(0).value = "*****"
.elements(1).value = "*****"
$x= $ObjIE.document.forms(1).elements().length
for $i = 0 to $x
if stringinstr($ObjIE.document.forms(1).elements($i).outerHTML,"click to continue" )>0 then exitloop

From memory, so might have a .document missing in there or something.

You can also use this technique for HTML links, it works exceptionally good for javascript and frame links. (due to the fact that they change multiple frames and can't just be pasted in, or do page checks and such.)

I will be posting some more UDFs for IE and the obj soon. (appearing in scraps soon)

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