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Program integration and... Skins

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I have been programming for less than a year now and I found autoit in February

I tried QMB Quick menu builder and others, but autoit is simply the best!

I have known what i wanted to do for a long time...

i have spent years fighting to protect and clean our computers, thus, a menu system to operate these programs and finally share it with others ( i'm sure there are many people in the same situation)

I have tremendously enjoyed autoit.... lovin every minute of it... its fun, useful and has made my job alot easier. thanks to autoit, developers and you.

in the interum, i can see the depth...

you dont just write a program and your done... its a continual task... fix bugs, upgrading, inhancements and etc

hence the following

Now.... ******** topic is here*******

I would like to know if anyone could direct me down the path to integration with my program with adding skins


My program needs interior set-up

my program looks for a type of file....????,, what kind?

if found, loads the file and give a choice of skin

the controls are transferred

*** lost and dont know where to start, any help is appreciated





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