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WinLIRC remote controler


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Long time ago I had WinFast TV card in my PC and I used to control my PC, and now I have decided to use my PC with remote control once again.

I found this (or this, edit: recently I found another schematic, perhaps the easiest one to make, is here - it uses line in/microphone on your sound card to get infrared signals, so if you don't have COM port, you can still make, and use this, but you must change plugin on WinLIRC program itself from Serial to Audio) instruction on how to create COM (RS232) port infrared remote control receiver. I know that COM port is slowly dying, but there are COM TO USB adapters (if you still want to make your own remote control receiver).

This script is connected to WinLIRC (software for receiving and recognizing signals from COM port, IRToy, Maxter, etc...), and performing different operations according to the winlirc remote key recognition. Such operations like:

- Start program (with parameters, if program is started start new or focus already started one)

- Control players (built in: winamp, media player classic, windows media player, bsplayer)

- Send keyboard keys (strings, control keys, single key, or mobile typing style (2 - abc2, 3 - def3, etc...)

- Mouse operations (clicks, double clicks, move, scroll)

- Power state change (full screen menu with selection, shutdown, reset, log off, standby, hibernate)

- send WM_COMMAND to any window (hook WM_COMMAND as well)

- other (Master volume up, down, mute, Eject CD, Show time/date

Some of the Screen Shots:

Config Screen, Type mobile style, Change volume, Show time/date, Selectable power state

P.S. Thanks to:

- wraithdu for library (requires Microsoft VC++ 2008 SP1 Redistributable to be installed)

- yashied for soundquery.au3 UDF found in his script

- J. Thuemmler for dssubcls.dll library (used for hooking WM_COMMAND messages from other windows

Download Links:

Compiled (together with WinLIRC 0.8.7a)

Source (without WinLIRC)


- Start RemoteControl.exe

- Error will pop-up telling you that you don't have CFG file (which contains WinLIRC's remote control keys recognition data), Click OK

- Click Config Winlirc button

- If you already have defined keys (if you used winlirc before) click on to browsing button to find CFG/CF file and then click Apply, or if you don't have defined CFG file (you never used WinLIRC before) click on Define WinLIRC remote control keys button

(if you started defining new remote control keys, just follow directions on console, and click apply when you finished defining keys)

- Select Key in combo box (or press button on your remote control) and select tab/operation which you want to asign to that remote control key, and then click SAVE (for each key)

- After you defined all your remote key's operations you may click Hide, config window will be closed, program will continue to work (in tray) and perform operations you defined after each remote control key stroke.

- Inside tray menu you can set your program to start with windows

- You may also set menu controls (up,down,left,right,select) in the "Cofig Winlirc" menu, which is used for selecting power state (shutdown, reset...), or when typing in mobile style (left - cancel last letter before it was typed, right - sending letter without waiting time for it to be typed)

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