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Teamspeak 3 info read

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Dear users

At one time back in the day i used autoit to read teamspeak 2 info like when somebody log's in to the server etc and relayeed that to a game chat channel like i did for World of warcraft

But with teamspeak 3

until this point i'm unable to do so

what i would really like is the folowing

that it would read the tekst in the bottom window of teamspeak 3 this is the window with all the chat and login and logout info

and that autoit would be able to send this to a certain program for every new line that is added

was wondering if this is still possible and if so pleas show how

and yes i tried ControlGetText though that only gets me qt_scrollarea_viewport and i want the actuel tekst

P.s: Here is the code i used for TS2

$text = ControlGetText("TeamSpeak 2","","TRichEditWithLinks2")

$avarray = StringSplit($text, @CR)

$LastRowText = _ArrayMax($avarray)

$linefeed = $LastRowText -1

MsgBox(0, "", $avarray[$linefeed])

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