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Several Questions

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I am the network administrator for a network of about 400 computers of which about 25% Windows 98 about 2% Windows 95 about 3% Windows ME and about 70% Windows XP. We have no windows 2000 or NT except for our servers which run Windows 2000 Server and Server 2003.

From a login script I would like to accomplish the following things.

For the win98 and winxp computers I would like to have the My Documents folder mapped to a network drive.

In XP I would like for the startmenu to be set to the classic style and the windows theme to be set to classic.

On win98 and WinXP set the remove any desktop background image.

Is there a way in XP to detect whether a monitor is LCD or CRT so that the correct font smoothing can be applied.

Right now this is all I can think of. I am thinking that alot of this could be done with reg files. I also know that I can set a group policy to redirect my dokuments in Windows Xp, but this does not help me with Windows 98. I am sure someone here has tackled somthing similar to this. Any help with any part of this project would be greatly appreciated.

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Look up DriveMapAdd () in the help file.


I guess that I did not make this clear. I already have the drive mapped I just want the users my documents folder to be mapped to the mapped drive or a folder on the mapped drive.

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