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Autoit Limitations

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Ive been following these forums for the last month and been learning a great deal from the contributors here, Ive started to pin together small scripts for day to day tasks and have found Autoit invaluable so far.

But here is the question, as i become more famiar with this programs syntax & commands & start to get more adventurous, what sort of limitations am i likely to run into with autoit.

By limitations i mean is autoit an viable alternative to Visual Basic or other quote "dedicated" programming languages. In fact to me i would think Autoit Qualifies as such. Autoit seems to be so much more superior than just to be tagged a scripting language.

I may never code to the standard of many here, but i would be interested to know do the power users here prefer autoit over other "known languages".

Im still going to use autoit regardless from now on, Its standalone executables is the main reason for me to stick with it.

Anyhow sorry for a ramble as my first post, im just curious.

Thanks to Jon + his team for a great product & all you guys who donate time + effort to post solutions to this forum. Ive found with the Autoit Help Files and these active forums, learning Autoit has been a dream.

Thanks again


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in many ways its superior to alot of other languages.

every language has its pros/cons

you decide what to use depending on which language best suits the need.

you need the right tool for the job.

i use autoit for pretty much everything. and i also use autoit in conjunction with other languages.

with it being so easy to use, and understand... and its free! i really like autoit.

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The only current known limit to AutoIt is the user attempting to use it.



Now that was deep!

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i perceived it as cocky.

but i suppose its ok to be cocky, when you really are a good coder.

i always get a laugh from valik.. even though sometimes my first reaction from him pisses me off :( lol

i cant say anything bad though, he knows his stuff.

but as for limitations, we are not alone in this.... so unless you dont have internet access.. and cant post in these forums.. you being the user is not a limitation.

i would say that the limitations are your own abilies to learn, and retain knowledge.

now thats deep.

Valik Note Added 19 October 2006 - 08:38 AMAdded to warn level I just plain don't like you.

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For a list of technical limitations (as opposed to user limitations) look in the help file. One of the items in the appendix list is "AutoIt3 limits & defaults". This item does not show up in the on-line version yet. Some of these limitations may change or disappear as time goes on (and developers go crazy). :(

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AutoIt allows me to re-invent the wheel so much faster.

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