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Getting Coords From A Game Window

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I mean from inside a game which cannot be windowed and thus I cannot use autoit window spy.. Any suggestions as to how i could get coords on a button inside a game.

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maybe I wasnt clear. I was wanting to know how to figure out the coords of a point on the screen so I could add it to a script.

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Which OS?

Set a HotKey to call a function. In the function, you record the mouse position from MouseGetPos. Write the values in a file.

Hmm, maybe something like this would work.

$fn = FileOpen("C:\MyLog.txt", 1)  ; This is the log file that the positions will be written.
HotKeySet("#0", "record"); Windows-0  set your own key
HotKeySet("#9", "done")  ; Windows-9   set your own key
Sleep(86400000); Run for up to a day

Func Record()
    Local $desc, $pos
    Global $fn

    $pos = MouseGetPos()
   ; InputBox may cause your program to return to windowed mode. 
   ; Click on the application in the task bar to return to full-screen.  
   ; If that does not work, press Ctrl-Enter to get back to full-screen mode.
    $desc = InputBox("What do you want to call this point?", "Save point")
    if @Error = 0 Then
        FileWriteLine($fn, $pos[0] & ", " & $pos[1] & " - " & StringStripWS($desc,7))

Func Done()
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I'm off to write a wizard, a wonderful wizard of odd...

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