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Waiting for a specific spot on screen to change color.

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Hope someone can help me on this... When I play a video on screen, the bar indicating when the file is completely loaded into memory moves acrosss the screen followed by a bar indicating how much of the movie has actually played...

What I want autoit to do is each second or so monitor the moving bar to see if its completley across the screen to move on to the next set in the process... I assume there is a way to keep checking the pixels on the screen at the end of the bar to see when the last pixels have changed color...

Can anyone point me in the correct direction to figure this out.. or is there somewhere else I could look to determine if the video has completely loaded into memeory... Don't need to know when its finished playing, just when its fully loaded......

I might be able to somehow monitor the Temporary Internet Files for a file name, as it shows there when the file is fully loaded... but I just thought I might be able to somehow monitor the pixels on screen also...

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