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bind something to a button

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hello, i couldnt find a function in the manual to capture keypresses, lets say when I press F1 i want to do that... a function like (in C/C++) GetAsyncKeyState().

Are there any?


EDIT:// ok I found HotKeySet

how can I use HotKeySet with BlockInput, lets say I want to ignore ALL keys except F1.?

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It seems to me the answer is right in the helpfile with the block input. You have to decide which operating system it is using and then it will tell you if the blockinput is going to be good for you.

Another thing you might want to look into is _IsPressed() function it is a UDF so you will need to search the Scripts and Scraps Forum for the code for it. But basically what you will be doing with that is capturing all key presses and not letting anything through except what you want to go through.


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