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GUICtrlSetData($hEdit, "data"&@CRLF, "keep") limit for an edit-field?

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I wrote a little tool to edit ID3 tags for audiofiles in a certain folder. Though, when I press "Tag ALL" button, it starts tagging each *.mp3 file with the certain specified tags.

I made a GUICtrlCreateEdit() that is $ES_READONLY, though, when the au3 script tags the MP3 files (using AudioGenie3.dll), each function for the specific tag (_setID3Artist() etc)

returns @error == 0 on success, @error > 0 depending on what error occured.

I thought to make it more visual I put it all to a debug field (my GUICtrlCreateEdit()). The piece of code looks like that:

Note: this is just example/dummy code to explain my issue, not supposed to be working

For $i = 0 to $iAmountMP3Files Step 1
     _setID3Artist($hFile[$i], "cool name")
     If Not @error Then
          GUICtrlSetData($hDebug, $filename[$i] & " tagging [OK]", "keep")
          GUICtrlSetData($hDebug, $filename[$i] & " failed to tag [ERROR]", "keep")

With just a few MP3 files it works, but if I tag like 1000 the same time GUICtrlSetData($hDebug, ...) seems to be failing, somehow it just doesn't write into the GUICtrlCreateEdit() ($hDebug) anymore, just stops at a certain position.

Is there a limit of characters the $hDebug can hold at a time? If so, how to increase this? Or is there a similiar GUI instance that can contain more characters at one time?



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Yes, Edit controls are limited by default to a certain number of characters (a few K). You can change that setting with GuiCtrlSetLimit(), see help file.


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