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Globally Unique Identifiers from database

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I have a query that returns a row of results and one of the fields is a globally unique identifier. I'm unable to pass that value into a function or even print it to screen to view it.

Here's the example

$query1 = "select tbl_uid, field1_name from table"


while not $rs1.eof

$uidvalue = $rs1.Fields.item("tbl_uid").Value



Instead of being able to see that uidvalue it's blank. Any sugesstions??

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See what type you are receiving:

$uidvalue = $rs1.Fields.item("tbl_uid").Value
MsgBox(64, "Debug", "$uidvalue = " & $uidvalue & @CRLF & _
        "Type = " & VarGetType($uidvalue))


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