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simultaneous autoit processes w/psexec

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I have a home network consisting of 2 computers, and I am trying to run psexec on computer1 which calls an exe on computer2. The exe in turn runs psexec on computer2 to call a separate exe on computer1. Both exe's were created by Autoit. However I am having problems.

The network is setup as follows:

computer1, Win 7 Pro 64 bit

computer2, Win XP Pro 32 bit

Both have the same username and password. psexec works fine otherwise on each machine.

The first exe ("exe1.exe") consists of:

RunWait(@COMSPEC & " /c ""C:\Program Files\pstools\psexec"" -i 0 \\COMPUTER1 c:\data\exe2.exe")

The second exe ("exe2.exe") consists of:

MsgBox ( 0, "", "test")

When I run exe1.exe on computer2, a message box containing "test" pops up on computer1, as expected.

However when I begin the process via command line on computer1, as:

psexec -i 0 \\COMPUTER2 c:\data\exe1.exe

exe1.exe starts on computer2, psexec starts on computer2, but no message box appears on computer1. Furthermore, the command line on computer1 gives the message:

c:\data\exe1.exe exited on COMPUTER2 with error code 0.

Anyone know what's happening? My debugging skills aren't quite up to par yet, so I don't know how to interpret this message. Is this error code 0 related to the msgbox function, or to psexec, or is it some autotit exe error code?

I know this is a little convoluded, but any help would be appreciated. Does it have something to do with me trying to run two separate autoit exe's at once on the same computer? I tried to research whether that was possible or not, but couldn't find anything. I may be way off though.

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