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Alternating size of Autoit executable.

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A quick search didn't find anything regarding this, although it has to have been discussed in the past...

Why, when I compile an autoit script does the size of the executable generated vary wildly in size?

I just changed one line on a script, and the executable went from 323K to 660K.

I've noticed this for a long long time. It occurs with all my scripts.

The next time I change and recompile the script it will just as likely drop back down to 323K.

There's some sort of glitch in the compile routines somewhere...

I do always run my scripts through the Obfuscator with the /SO parm.

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#3 ·  Posted (edited)

Are you using UPX on both?

The UPX box was checked by default in my "Compile with Options" explorer extension dialog.

Not being aware of what it does, I have never bothered to modify the setting.

It may also be that I'm a complete idiot, for as I browse my production executables, none are at the 600K+ level.

Let me guess, the initial executable may be 600K, then the UPX step kicks in and crunches it down?

So, when I'm often seeing a recompile jump from 300K to 600K, I just need to wait a bit, or refresh my windows explorer, and like magic, it'll shrink (once UPX is finished)?

Like I said, a complete idiot, lol, can I delete this thread? :x


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It is correct that aut2exe will create the script and then UPX will either be ran by aut2exe or autoit3wrapper, depending on your setup, which will then compress the PE header of the EXE.


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