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Wait for the Pixel Color

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Hi evereyone

I was searched the forum but i can't find a utility command for my Script.I'd like to a wait command until find a pixel color.

This is my Script.I'd like to use wait command after If isarray($waitpixel)=False Then bluh bluh

$Box = PixelSearch (80,65,1382,754, $BoxColour,8,4)
If IsArray($Box)=True Then
MouseClick("left",$Box[0], $Box[1], 1,5)
If isarray($Box)=True Then
$waitpixel=PixelSearch (655,405,695,460, $WaitPixelColor,8,4)
If isarray($waitpixel)=False Then
    ; What is the Wait/Sleep until find pixel color($waitPixelColor) command/s?

mates i'm sorry for my bad English.Thanks to all thinking mates.

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I seem to have intermittent issues with the prior mention options, so if you happen to have a specific pixel to watch, this seems to work well for me as an alternative. 3289650 being the color to watch for in decimal.

    $foundpixel = PixelGetColor (2785, 841)
Until $foundpixel == 3289650


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