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Window Transarency Help

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Ok just can't get it mabye it will work mabye not, please help.

I Have a button to set window transparency but I would like to have a second button to reset the transparency back to normal is this possible.

Case $oBUTTON_7
            GUICtrlSetData($oBUTTON_7mid, "ON");
            WinSetTrans($oWINDOW, "", 180)
        Case $oBUTTON_7off
            GUICtrlSetData($oBUTTON_7mid, "OFF")
            WinSetTrans($oWINDOW, "", 255)

This is what I am using and nothing is haapens when I press $0Button_7off any ideas.

Thanks in advance

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Never Mind spoke to soon I got it working my mistake sorry to waste your time.

Secondly its not a bot it just diplays my current money amount without opening the inventory window, but thanks anyway.

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