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auto input database

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I want to write an auto manage database in my company. See this image:

Posted Image

In this image:

- input names in colum 1

- input quantity in colum 2

After input names and send ENTER, the BOX A will appear, send ENTER again to choose the pattern.

After that, the cursor will auto jump to COLUM 2 to input quantity. Send ENTER twice and the cursor will jump to the below row (in COLUM 1) to input another data.

But when the network is slow, the BOX A appear slow too (I dont known time to put in sleep()), and sometime, after input quantity, the row of this data split in 2 row.

Could sb give me an idea?

Thanks so much!

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Your screenshot is too much cut.

It's not evident if BOX A is in its own window (with own title).

Use Autoit3Info to see how change Window properties/focus etc. during appearing of BOX A.

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