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Append Edit box from For..Loop

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I'm bit new to the scripting side of things, but I need your assistance.

I need to create a Loop that will run n times.

With each iteration it must take the correnponding number, read that line in an array, and append it to an edit box.

Something in the line of:

for n to 5


read edit box data

append data

Write data


It works if I manually append the edit box, but as soon as I enter the loop with the commands it closes my GUI.

Any help welcome as to the best way to do this.


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Hi Manadar,

Thanx, but I found my problem. It's actually a problem with the values I got back from an UDF (diskpart.au3) for the total amount of volumes found. It was reporting two more entries that was actually returned via the array.

So when I go into my for loop I used the for loop counter to reference the array. Since the loop execute two more times it closes the GUI.

That's why if I did it manually it worked, since I knew the values...

Thanx anyhow.


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