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hotkeyset use

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ok, so heres my code

;intended use of the program discribed through a message box
MsgBox(1, "Skylords macro", "This macro will allow you to control your top action bar through the use of the number keys 1-9.")
;junk code atm
    $control_click1 = controlclick($window, "", "", "left", "1", 37, 70)
    ;setting the hotkey to respond to "1" and to use a later defined function
    HotKeySet("1", bar1())
    while 1
        ;gets the full name of the browser so it will work on all browsers and pages, and sets it for later use
    $window = WinGetTitle("SkyLords")
    ;so it will only work on skylords and avoids unwanted clicks

;function that the key "1" should respond to
Func bar1()
controlclick($window, "", "", "left", "1", 37, 70)

everything works fine sxcept that it automaticly starts clicking away as soon as the skylords window becomes active instead of waiting for the "1" key to be pressed. what am i doing wrong? obviously the code isnt done but this is the first step along the way..

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wow - several "mistakes" in a row ...

First: wrong forum section

Second: game automation is not allowed http://www.autoitscript.com/forum/forum-2/announcement-12-game-bots-and-automation/

Reporting the post.

SNMP_UDF ... for SNMPv1 and v2c so far, GetBulk and a new example script

wannabe "Unbeatable" Tic-Tac-Toe

Paper-Scissor-Rock ... try to beat it anyway :)

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"There use to be a couple of them out and the players would charge a fee to be able to use them, a million troops or more, don't recall how much some charged- there are also some out there I believe that keep an eye on your intrusion detection- but even with it you are still limited by how active you are..."

~Cajin Von Sian

"the anti-script clause is about scripts that play the game for you, but this doesn't play the game for you, it simply informs you about what's going on in the game

I have a simple script I made that allows me to control my ships using my keyboard instead of moving the mouse around, I even sent the source code to Iiri to verify that it wouldn't be violating any rules, I don't have to give it to any of you, it's mine all mine =O"

~h911 reiver

"From what I understood from Dangels post, he seemed to be giving out the codes to all who requested them for free at the time being. And yes this program was approved by the almighty Prof. I remember using this program and a few others. I think cydonia and teldin both had programs out for doing certain things. I programmed my own little thing for calculating probing coords with the click of a button. I would assume that the original Prof approved things are still game unless Iiri states otherwise."

~Grand Admiral Felix

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Do not discuss automating games here. It doesn't matter if the game is a single player game, multi-player game or game you've written yourself, do not discuss the automation of games here. The previous rule about game automation discussions was ambiguous and too many people tried the "but I'll only use it in single player" excuse for games that have single and multiplayer components. No more.


And read the helpfile on HotkeySet, I think you have misunderstood exactly what it does.

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