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How would you get handle of window if ALL YOU HAVE IS..

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.. a classname that is same as alot of generic windows inside windows system, you have no title, you have no any visible text...Here is what i am trying to do atm

#include <Array.au3>

#include <Array.au3>

Dim $windows_searched[10] ;Make array as big as windows you need to find
$arrayposition = 0

$lista = WinList("[CLASS:tooltips_class32]")
_ArrayDisplay($lista, "Have " & $lista[0][0] & " Windows that exist")

For $wnd = 1 To $lista[0][0] -1
    $text = WinGetClassList($lista[$wnd][1])
    If (StringInStr($text, "VBFloatingPalette")) = 1 Then
        $windows_searched[$arrayposition] = $lista[$wnd][1]
        $arrayposition += 1
        MsgBox(0, "Window Found", "Pointer: "&$lista[$wnd][1] &" With Searched Classes: "&$text)

Here i am trying to iterate them and assign the one i need depending what child-classes it contains, but guess what

this iteration works only if i use the title as parameter in the WinGetClassList but every title from every handle is empty so it just keeps retrieving the same handle classlist.

So if i would use $text = WinGetClassList($lista[$wnd][0]) instead, it would always read the class list from the first window that it finds with empty title.

Actually it works, i was wrong(alot of classlists are actually empty so this confused me), if you need a way to get a handle to a window like this feel free to use this example.

edit: modified code to make it all done...

Edited by marko29

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