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About AutoIt3 and Windows 7

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I am a newbie from Taipei,Taiwan., and need some help !!

We have Both Windows 7 and Windows XP client machine for normal users, All of the machine is join to Windows 2003 AD,

user rights are restricted.

Now, I try to installing Flash player to the user's computer by AutoIt Script like this:


Opt("WinTitleMatchMode", 2)

IF WinWaitActive("[Class:AdobeFlashPlayerInstaller]","我已閱讀並接受 Flash Player") <> 0 Then
    ControlCommand("[Class:AdobeFlashPlayerInstaller]","我已閱讀並接受 Flash Player",200,"check","")
    ControlClick("[Class:AdobeFlashPlayerInstaller]","我已閱讀並接受 Flash Player","Button3")

IF WinWaitActive("[Class:AdobeFlashPlayerInstaller]","N") <> 0 Then

The script running on a Windows 7 , and logon to the domain administrator account, every thing is fine.

But, running on client Windows 7 machine, the flash installer is appear on the screen, then do nothing.

The AutoIt tray icon is still and pause.

What is wrong ??

Sorry for my poor English.

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Did you run the AutoIt script as administrator? Non admin apps can't "talk" with admin ones.

Dear Sir:

The problem is resolved!! as you know, Windows 7 Have UAC to take control all of the apps, so, I have to disable UAC to running AutoIT scripts; or some other way is: running command prompt as Administrator first.

Many thanks !! You guiding me in the right way !!

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