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Edit in Place Listview Example

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Hi all

Ive been using AutoIT for a bit now and really like it. I wanted to share one of the things I've made so that it may be used as an example for an editable listview. You can double click an item to enter edit mode and type your value.

you can press enter to apply the change. You can press the arrow keys to cycle thru the controls left to right/ up to down. Or you can tab to go thru them all.

there are a few files that can be opened to see it in action.

I'm working on a scheduler based on another script I found here and this is part of its update. I hope to post the entire thing when done. This is a checklist option to be added to that script. I've already made that one recursive...but will post more later.

Its not a perfectly clean script, but it works and shows a lot of features in a direct manner that I had questions about concerning listviews and see asked by a lot of others users as well.

hope this is helpful. I haven't commented it any but will answer questions about it if asked.

Thanx to everyone who's posted very kewl scripts in the past. It was very helpful to help learn. Here is a small attempt to repay that helpfulness.



editable listview.zip

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Similar stuff can be found on the forum, thanks for sharing anyway !!

In my book, some extra resources and examples are always welcome!!



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