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Checking two input lines does match up?

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Hi Fellas, im working on a simple copy paste project that is workrelated,

copying from one program, writes it into an ini file, opens exel and pastes the lines in between other lines

however i where wondering if there by any chance is a way to have it check that the number is identical

say for example

C7014 is written in the exelsheet,*as a show of what line it is on

and i want to make sure it is c7014 that is exstracted from the program and written in the ini file before it progress any further...

so i have C7014 in both the exelsheet and the program im copying the data from

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i where thinking that http://www.autoitscript.com/autoit3/docs/functions/StringRegExp.htm might be an option, just unsure how to set it up.

i where tinking on just copying the number in the exelsheet, and read from it, so say i have the two numbers

one in the exelsheet as $i =iniread ect..

and one from the program that is $y = iniread ect.

so i matches up $i with $y? wont that work? or?

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