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How to fill this form(no name)

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Don't speak chinese so i try to guess that is only a big one page form.

Use _IEFormGetCollection with 0 as option to get the hook to that form.

Then use _IEFormElementGetCollection with a progressive number to get the hook to the various form elements.

I heavily commented for easy understanding.


#include <IE.au3>
;Create the webpage with $oIE=_IEAttach or _IECreate then you can go with the following code:

$oWholeForm = _IEFormGetCollection ($oIE,0)
;Search for the FIRST form in the page, if you put 1 it goes for the second. NOTE: A form IS not 1 form element but usually a collection of form elements (1 form element=1 of those typing spaces)

oFormUser=_IEFormElementGetCollection ($oLogForm,0);Looks for the first field to type in, in other words the 1st form element

$oFormPass=_IEFormElementGetCollection ($oLogForm,1); looks for the second form element

_IEFormElementSetValue($oFormUser,"My Username");fills the 1st form element with the string My Username

_IEFormElementSetValue($oFormPass,"My Password"); Fills the 2nd with My Password string

Hope it helps, tried to make it easy to understand, if you still have questions, ask.

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